"Completely secures my weapon"

Bought one of these approx. a year ago and that box completely secures my weapon when I'm traveling. I believe you could toss this out of a moving truck and your hand gun would be fine. Thanks for such a good product. ~ Steve P.

Connor's Cut

(John Connor is a well-known writer for American Handgunner and GUNS Magazine)

Dispatch from Connor: The Scoop on “Connor’s Cut.”


            Writing, training and consulting is a “family and friends” business. We are The GunBums LLC, a bunch of shot-up, busted up old veterans. We’ve always given what we could to veterans’ charities. But one of our ongoing concerns has been that while some charities have done very well in soliciting donations, others have not. Typically these are smaller operations, and although relatively small, the nature of their work is important, filling critical niches, and they are no less dedicated and deserving of support.

A good example is AnySoldier.com. They connect folks at home with our troops deployed worldwide so you can learn firsthand, in their words, what their needs are, what they can’t get through the military system, and send packages directly to them. In recent times AnySoldier has actually gone “in the red” and struggled to survive.

Another very deserving organizaton is Operation Homefront. They provide financial and physical assistance to the families of deployed troops, and to wounded and injured vets in transition. Often this comes down to things as simple – and badly needed – as groceries, emergency home and appliance repairs, car repairs, kids’ clothes for school, moving help and much more. Most Americans are unaware of the number of military families living below the poverty line. Operation Homefront knows, cares, and helps. At this writing they have provided critical help in 754,614 cases. The majority of their clients are from the lowest-paid enlisted ranks, E-1 through E-6.

Another outstanding charity is Operation Finally Home. This Texas-based outfit provides custom-built homes designed to meet the needs of amputee and paralyzed vets. There aren’t enough words to praise what they have accomplished for our vets with the greatest needs and challenges to overcome, and they richly merit all the support they can get.

So here’s the deal: We partner with good people who make and sell good products, like Joe Lake here at The Can Man, offering design consulting and providing as much exposure for them in the magazines as we can. The percentage of profits which would otherwise be our “cut” is held by our partners like Joe, and then they match that percentage with an equal donation. We – The GunBums – don’t get a penny and we never will. 100 percent goes to the charities.


Depending on funds acquired, every three or six months, we decide which charity or charities have the most immediate needs, and direct the money to be distributed accordingly. We’re not a 501(c) (3) organization, and in the current political climate, we don’t plan to file for that status. We will remain just a buncha busted-up vets trying to help other veterans and their families. We’re constantly trying to set up other similar arrangements, to generate more funds for these worthy causes. We don’t foresee becoming “big-time,” but that’s okay. We’ll do what we can. So far, as of August 2014, we’ve generated almost $16,000 to help our veterans.

Joe is a genuine good guy in our book, and his ammo-can gun cases are terrific. He was already a personal contributor to veterans’ charities, and when we laid out the deal on “Connor’s Cut” to him he just smiled and said “Let’s do this!” So, every time you buy one of Joe’s gun cases, you’re doing a lot more than snuggling your guns – you’re standing up for those who have stood up for you – and for America! Connor OUT.

John Morrison, Senior Field Editor

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